Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People has added its voice to the local grassroots campaign demanding that Manchester City Council make suitable access improvements to the Peterloo Memorial.

GMCDP fully support the decision to create a fitting memorial to the men, women and children who marched for democracy in 1819 and were met by sabres, muskets and a cavalry charge that left the dead and injured scattered across St Peters Field in Manchester.

However, Manchester City Council is failing to deliver a fitting memorial. Their chosen stepped design purposefully excludes disabled people and this has been communicated to the Council during the consultation process and in letters to and face to face meetings with Council Leader Richard Leese.

Individuals and organisations of disabled people, locally, nationally and internationally have condemned Manchester City Council’s decision to proceed with an inaccessible design. The fact that the Council did not insist upon accessibility from the outset is just one example of a much wider problem. Manchester City Council is failing to engage with or listen to disabled people on a wide range of projects currently under way in Manchester.

Manchester has a reputation of pulling together and lining up shoulder to shoulder in defiance of injustice, ignorance and segregation. That is why we are calling on our friends and allies to show solidarity with this important campaign by making our collective voices heard.

Campaign Details:

Facebook Group “Peterloo Memorial A Monument To Discrimination”:

Campaign Protest Thursday 6th June:

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