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GMCDP has a long history of being led by strong activists, and our Shaping Our Inclusion project is centered on working with young disabled people who would continue this and are interested in activism, campaigning and leadership. We are working with young people (under 30) to get involved in the organisation and take on roles such as Executive Board members, leaders, trainers, representatives and activists. Having been around for over 30 years, GMCDP is looking to recruit young people who will become the future of this organisation.

Is this project for you?

Ideally, we are looking for young disabled people who:

  • Are aged 18-30
  • Live in Greater Manchester
  • Want to make a difference for disabled people in Greater Manchester
  • Who want to develop their skills in activism 
  • Are politically active (or would like to become more politically active)
  • Are willing to explore the Social Model of disability


What happens if I get involved with the project?

This project provides training and development opportunities throughout the year, and the areas participants can get involved in can be shaped by their own personal interests and experience. Below are just some of the areas you can get involved in:

Shaping our inclusion - word bubble

Primarily, this project is focused on areas of leadership, campaigning, strategic thinking and governance. Members of the project meet every fortnight (alternate daytime and evening meetings, to allow everyone the opportunity to attend at least one meeting), and we discuss and plan our activities (e.g. upcoming campaigns) but also discuss our thoughts on current day politics, theory and positions of the coalition (e.g. our stance on inclusive education). These meetings tend to be very lively, interesting sessions, and more often than not take place over pizza.

This project is great for both personal development and building skills and experience, but also for you to get involved in a grass roots organisation, and play a true part in the work we do. We are two years into the project so far, and the following is just some of the work project participants have been doing:

  • Attended the Labour Disability Roadshow representing the Coalition, and sat down at the table with Jeremy Corbyn and Debbie Abrahams, discussing areas such education, health and social care which went on to inform the Labour Party's disability manifesto 'Nothing About You, Without You'
  • Worked with the Coalition to help organize, develop and run a Hustings event for the Greater Manchester Mayoral Candidates. Also got together to create questions which they would like to be asked of the candidates at the Hustings
  • Have established three Sub-Groups, which are a formal governance structure made up of young disabled people, members of GMCDP and Executive Board members, which report directly to the Board.


How do I get involved?

If this sounds of interest to you, you can meet up with Brett and discuss how you can best get out what you want from being involved.  This can take place somewhere of your choosing, or at our office if you prefer.  The next step is to come along to one of our sessions, to get a real insight into what is involved!

Brett Savage: brett [at] gmcdp.com 0161 636 7538